CMD S.N. Duggal

SAVITRI Group of Institutions has come a long way since 1992 when the people of this small town of Faridabad welcomed the idea of a Polytechnic with open arms as a symbol of Women Empowerment. It offered to strengthen the women after their Secondary and Senior Secondary qualifications by providing them with viable skills beyond ‘silai’ schools and compulsory confinement in the home.

Every woman has innate talent and the fire to achieve her potential, she only needs to be supported and guided in the right direction. The big idea is to show every woman the way to realise her dreams through the Women Empowerment Programme (WEP). SAVITRI now is action oriented and innovative offering affordable quality education to women. WEP has seen employable skills on the century old pattern of American Community College. We have worked for years on the system, which can be beneficial to women trained in India.

Over the past 22 years, life has taught us that as change is permanent, innovation is its corollary. While catering to the community needs, we constantly need to evolve. The Student Innovation Unit initiates new concepts through my articles (60 as of now and continuing) published regularly in an esteemed weekly. The students and employers recognise our efforts and send their feedback. Consequently, we set higher goals and introduce new methods to impart education by reviewing, modifying and updating our curriculum regularly. Our Student Innovation Unit has pioneered a number of projects, thus, in order to shape and hone the 21st century skills in our trainees.

The teacher trainees at SAVITRI are educated to the core for soft skills, Indian values and effective classroom management through hundreds of teacher-tried-and-tested techniques. Theyare groomed to be an expert at their vocation, which enhances their employability and empowers them to be financially independent.The syllabus has been revised to be at par with the 21st century learning skills viz. creative and divergent thinking, multiple intelligences, positive classroom behaviour, scaffolding and Bloom’s Taxonomy and Art Education to name a few.

SAVITRI has set the ball rolling for Student Innovation Unit and Model Pre-School, which are working towards providing the pre-school experience to all the children irrespective of the economic status of their parents. The Student Innovation Unit functioning in every department of the Polytechnic has proved to be a necessary organ to initiate innovation in every field and take education to a level where knowing the facts is just the beginning. The students sense achievement when they apply and synthesise facts. These trainees dare to touch the zenith of education by creating new knowledge. 

We are keen to develop as a small university to promote Pre-schooling and Early Childhood Care Education with a firm belief that women are mothers first who have all the love in the world to shower on children.We sincerely hope that SAVITRI will continue to bask in the glory of success and affection of the masses in Faridabad and DelhiNCR.

S.N. Duggal

CMD Savitri Polytechnic for Women