The course offers a set of techniques, theories and methods of transforming an ordinary piece of cloth as dress according to the needs of the customer. The beauty of this programme is that it doesn’t require a lot of academic knowledge. Anyone who has a knack for colours, can visualise designs and has  smart skills to transfer her ideas on cloth and turn it into a fashionable garment, thus become an entrepreneur in her own right.


Readymade garments in mass production are getting in popular because of cost a production but fashion has its own place thus it needs at specific knowledge of fabric, drafting, cutting, stitching ,pattern layout to provide be fitting change in the garments here comes to the value of the course. 

Eligibility: 8th and above

Course Duration: 1 Year Diploma

One Year Diploma

  • Basic Embroidery
  • Drafting(Kid’s)
  • Pattern Making & Layout (Kid’s)
  • Garment Construction (Kid’s)
  • Drafting(Adult)
  • Pattern Making & Layout (Adult)
  • Garment Construction (Adult)

Job Opportunities

  • Pattern Maker 
  • Pattern cutter and grader
  • Quality Controller                                          
  • Supervision for inspection
  • Production Manager                                     
  • Self-employment by opening garment units