Designing and manufacturing clothes remains incomplete without a dynamic professional to back it up with merchandise. Apparel Merchandising is all about satisfying the buyers with your designs and choice of fabric. It is the merchandiser’s job to ensure that the garments are packed properly; dispatched on time; contracts honored and proper documentation of the consignment done.

Apparel Merchandisers’ job is quite a responsibility as they are a link between the expert team of tailors, dress designers, fashion designers, quality control professionals and the customers. It takes patience, administrative and marketing skills besides strong soft skills to win over buyers for their organization.

SAVITRI Polytechnic For Women trains students according to industry standards and provides hands-on learning through excursions and seminars. We welcome our past students, well placed in industry to address own current students

Apparel Merchandising enables students to appreciate the unique aspects and concepts of fashion trends in the market. It introduces the concept of fashion marketing in domestic and international arena and provides an exposure to apparel/garment industries. It opens career opportunities in the fashion market giving inspiration for entrepreneurship. One learns to make judicious use of fabric besides learning new methods of finishing and embellishments, which are pre-requisite for opening self-employment units.

Students will be able to do the following with hard & soft skills and Teacher-Tested-Techniques, now embedded in the course curriculum:

  • sketch garments manually / on computers
  • develop innovative garment patterns
  • communicate with buyers and merchandisers
  • meet the client’s expectations in terms of design and measurement specifications

 Eligibility:-10+2, Graduate & above

 Duration:-  six month(500hrs.)